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Colour Sorting Machines – A Brief Intro

Posted by Admin on May, 25, 2020

Sorting is a difficult section in the entire industrial process. Manual sorting method in a continuous manner often creates consistency problems. Hence, colour sorter is used for designing a system and to implement it to automatically separate the grain products on the basis of their colours.

Purpose of using colour sorters:
The grain sorting needs to be performed accurately to detect small and subtle defects. This is necessary to perform 100% customer satisfaction about the product quality. Various automated systems those are attached with the colour sensor system are used frequently to monitor the quality and detect automated errors within the production line.

Assembly lines use colour sorters for identifying colours and classifying products with those. The main objective of using the colour sorters is to check the product quality, enable sorting, help packaging and monitor the waste products.

How colour sorters work with colours?
Colour sorters isolate products by using their colours. It detects a particular colour when the product passes before it. It also uses neumatic or mechanical ejection devices just for diverting those elements that have unacceptable range or required at the end.

Use of colour sorters in the grain industry:
Colour sorters are useful in sorting many agricultural products. This technology has the biggest market in the industry of rice sorting. It is designed to work as per the colour differences of the rice grains. It uses a CCD optical sensor having a higher resolution which successfully separates multiple grains. And, the second biggest market is into the sorting of coarse cereals.

Rice colour sorting machine:
A rice colour sorter is used to separate countless rice grains as per their individual colour differences especially when raw rice appears from anomalies such as black rice, stone, half-husked rice, etc.

The CCD sensor initiates a mechanical sorter for distinguishing a range of granular materials. It easily sorts out the heterochromatic elements from the set of raw rice. It also improves the rice quality by eliminating impurities. Any veteran rice colour sorter machine manufacturer in India produces machines with such efficiency.

Rice colour sorter machine manufacturers in Coimbatore provide colour sorters to the grain industry where the sorting process starts in a milling plant. In the plant, the entire batch of harvested grains follow a production line – boil, dry, de-stone, husk, hull and shell the grains. Then the grains are taken to the rice colour sorters.

The rice mixture then scheduled to travel through the elevator belt towards the top of it into a hopper. It will then needed to have a cascade fall into the sorter machine and the CCD sensors scan them.

At the point the camera detects any defects in the rice grain colour the ejectors are instructed to open a nozzle of the sorter machine which remains connected with air valves. The compressed air then separates the defected coloured grains from the input batch. The defects may be chalky, black tipped, yellow, immature grain, mouse droppings, etc.

Today, any experienced rice sorter machine manufacturer in Tamil Nadu provides generally two types of machines –optical and CCD types. and, their working principle lies on distinguishing good and bad rice.

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