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How To Choose An Ideal Grain Color Sorter Machine?

Posted by Admin on April, 07, 2023

You should make a choice based on your requirements when choosing a Grain Colour Sorter Machine Manufacturer. A color sorter is a tool that enables items to have the proper consistent surface texture and so promotes quality.

It works by using a quick camera to check a grain line. It then expels impurities and poor-quality grains using pneumatic pressure. This system divides grains into two categories: approved and rejected.

This article provides information about the advantages of color sorting machines and tips for choosing an ideal manufacturer.

Advantages of Grain Color Sorter Machines

The following succinctly explains the benefits of Color Sorter:


Color Sorter machines now produce food products of improved quality. Monitoring the product quality can be easy for manufacturing businesses before items are released for sale.


Manufacturers can rapidly evaluate and reject ‌texture and color differences. This enables the controlling of objects, for instance, by grouping the item into other categories.


Color Sorters from an Indian producer of grain color sorter machines are automated. Therefore, quality assurance speed doesn't slow down. In actuality, it ramps up the level of reliability of procedures by getting rid of human effects.

Tips For Choosing a Grain Color Sorter Machine

Tip 1

Define your requirements. This includes the materials you need to sort, the capacity you can manage, and the space you can offer.

Don't assume that the color sorter can only monitor as per color, shape, and size. Most color sorters have two different sets of camera systems, both in the front and back. These cameras serve to guarantee the precision of sorting. The tracked item via the gas spray valve will be eliminated after the camera recognizes it, and finishes the sorting process.

Tip 2

Selecting machinery with adequate sealing can significantly save operational costs and increase productivity levels. Use a sorting machine that has both front and rear cameras. Particularly since this region is particularly easy to gather dust. It is better to pick a sorting machine with an automated dust extraction system. It can start up and immediately remove the debris.

You can't judge the qualities of the sorter by its sorting efficiency, rejection rate, or other marketed metrics. It is because most manufacturers have nominal numbers that are identical to one another. Yet, the quality of mechanical power and the accessory selection has a significant impact on the sorter's ability.

Tip 3

Choose a local sales brand so that a skilled engineer may assist you anywhere in the world. With either option, you won't need a salesperson.

Tip 4

You must take special note of the color sorter's construction and the components utilized in the attachments. You can ask the person who sells the machine for this knowledge by speaking with them.

Your sorting requirements alter three months after the purchase. In such situations, you must get in touch with your sales manager for help. Yet, being on location can also provide unanticipated challenges, like with COVID-19.

Following a thorough examination of the item, the budget plays a significant role in the choice to buy. Even when a transaction takes place, an item is not necessarily supplied; in addition to the goods and services; maintenance is another important aspect influencing continued production. Hence, while choosing which color sorter to buy, perform a cost-effective assessment based on their manufacturing capacity and full service.

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