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Things To Know About Pulse Color Sorter Machine

Posted by Admin on February, 13, 2021

The colour sorter machines are used widely in different companies and industries. This machine works on a definite working principle type. In this article, you will learn about how these machines work and what is the working principle behind it. There are also advantages to the installation of this machine in your company or factory.

How Does The Pulse Color Sorter Machine Work?
There is a top storage hopper in the machine. This is the place where the raw materials enter the machine. The machine is designed with a vibrator device. This device makes vibration inside the machine due to which the materials inside the machine goes down the channel and then accelerate down into the zone, called the observation zone. This zone is the sorting cabinet where it passed between the background plate and sensor. Below the LED light and due to the high intensity and colour change of the light from the source, the signal that is outputted from the system is then driven.

This drives the solenoid valve which blows the heterochromatic parties in the waste outlet hopper. The materials which are accepted fall under the cavity which is made for the finished goods or products of the acceleration outer hopper.

This is the working system of the pulse colour sorter machines.

Different Parts Of This Machine
Feed Hopper is the main component of this machine. Along with this, the other parts of the machine are the vibration device, the source of light, chute, background plate, the CCD lens, outlet hopper, nozzle, air compressor, air tank and at the end is the filter. The pulse color sorter machine manufacturer in India provides you with the machines which are made with the best components.

The Feeding System
The feeding system consists of the hopper, the vibrating feeder and the chute. The raw materials enter the feeder or the vibration device from the feeder Hopper. Here this automatically forms a current line due to the vibration. After it is accelerated by the chute these materials fall directly into the detection zone. The capacity of the machine is controlled by the feeding system with the addition to the function of providing the raw materials.

Optoelectronic System
The optoelectronic system is the core of this machine. The pulse color sorter machine manufacturers design these products with the best components and ensure that the sorting is done in the best way. This part has the LED light source, CCD lens, the background plate and also some other auxiliary decides which are needed for the completion of the process.

The Sorting System
The nozzles are found in this system along with the air supply and sorting cabinet. The nozzle that is proved that the number of nozzles spacing is very important factors which affect the accuracy of the colour sorting machine.

The Cleaning System
This contains the glass cleaning brushes, the cylinder and other such parts. This is very important because some materials with dust, dirt and other harmful components which can hamper the process of colour sorting.

Choose the best pulses color sorter machine manufacturer and supplier and get products from them for your use. These machined are quite benefits and effective and makes your work easier.

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